Hybrid Bicycle Direct Seller FAQ’s

Our program is very simple.  Sign our agreement to sign up. There is no charge or fee. We take no credit card information, and you’ll never be “out” any cash whatsoever because your buyers buy the bicycle directly from us with their credit card. Once the return policy expires, we send you a commission check.

FAQ’s About Money

Can I Claim the Cost of My Electric Bicycle as a Legitimate Business Expense?

We are not tax advisers or lawyers. However, your bicycle is a legitimate business expense. Tax authorities may require you to prove you made efforts to sell other bicycles to their satisfaction.  If you do sell a bicycle, then in our experience it is doubtful that you’ll have any problems with the IRS.

What will it cost me to be a Worland Electric Bicycle Direct Seller?

Other than your choice of Worland hybrid bicycle you’ll use personally, it costs nothing at all. Zip. Nada. In fact, you’ll get 10% back from the purchase of your bicycle after you sell your first bicycle!

When do I get my commission?

We’ll send your commission check to you within 30 days of the expiration of our return guarantee period.

What about taxes?

You are responsible for claiming and paying taxes in accordance with federal and local tax laws.  According to the IRS website, we must issue a 1099 form to anyone whom we pay over $600.

When you sell your first Worland Hybrid Bicycle (within six months of signup) you will receive a 10% REFUND on your personal bicycle. This refund will not be counted towards your 1099 because it is literally refunding you money you paid.

How do I make sure I get credit for a sale?

Easy. While placing their order, your buyer just has to confirm you were his direct seller. Even if your buyer doesn’t do so when placing his order, we’ll be happy to credit you with the sale if the buyer let’s us know within 30 days of shipment that they are your person.

Do I buy the bikes from you, or does my customer buy the bike from you?

Great question! No money ever leaves your pocket (other than for your own electric bicycle). Your customer buys the electric bicycle from us, and confirms you were involved. We take care of the credit card charges etc…  Once the return policy has expired, we pay you your commission.


Is There an Entry or Withdrawal Fee?


Nope. No fees to participate whatsoever.

FAQ’s About Rules

What if I never sell any Worland Electric Bicycles?

Nothing happens. You paid nothing to be a direct seller, and if you don’t sell anything, you’ll get no commission. You’ll never be charged anything for being a direct seller. There are no fees, requirements, reporting, or inventory commitments of any kind.

If you don’t sell anything in six months, then you’ll be marked as inactive in our system. Let us know if you want to become active again.

How do I make sure I get credit for a sale?

Easy. While placing their order, your buyer just has to confirm you were his direct seller. Even if your buyer doesn’t do so when placing their order, we’ll be happy to credit you with the sale if the buyer let’s us know within 30 days of purchase that they are your customer. Give us a call, and we’ll confirm it with them, or have them email us. It is that simple.

How Hard is it to Market on Social Media?

Not hard at all. Once you sign up, we’ll send you our guide to marketing yourself and Worland Hybrid Bicycles.  The more you post properly (no spamming), the more you are likely to sell. Once a week is fine, and you can set up your posts in advance if you like. Remember, you are free to post several times a day, or not at all.  Usually people get results based on how much effort they put in.

What kind of rules are there?

The rules are fairly simple.  Being an upstanding and honorable person, and not a pushy salesperson should keep you out of most trouble. Regardless, there are rules which must be adhered to. Failure to adhere by these rules is grounds for immediate termination from the Worland Hybrid Bicycle Direct Sellers Program, and you will immediately forfeit all commissions and refunds due to you as a penalty.

1. YOU MAY NEVER COLLECT MONEY or CREDIT CARD INFORMATION FROM A CUSTOMER, or “SELL” ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS DIRECTLY TO A CUSTOMER. Because it is your property, you may sell the bike you bought from us at any time, for however much you desire.

2. Spamming.  Since your actions reflect on our company, at no time are you allowed to “spam” via email or social media post. In addition, every email you send out regarding our products must have a reliable and clear “Unsubscribe” option. Getting complaints about you spamming is grounds for immediate termination.

3. Misrepresentation. We are proud of our Hybrid Bicycles. You should NEVER LIE or MISLEAD a prospective customer, or OMIT INFORMATION from them in order to make a sale.  The website contains the correct information (to the best of our knowledge). Promising anything to any customer other than what is offered on the website is grounds for immediate termination.

4. Complaints. We should not get complaints from potential customers regarding your behavior or interactions with them. If we do, it is grounds for immediate termination.  This program is only about selling Worland Hybrid Bicycles.  We do not want our potential customers feeling uncomfortable, be subject to high pressure sales tactics, or sexual harassment or innuendo. It is not in your best interest to get into discussions about politics, religion, or any other controversial topic of conversation with potential customers.  It can only end poorly. Any complaint is grounds for immediate termination.

Please note:
As per the agreement, you may be terminated from the Worland Hybrid Bicycle Direct Sellers Program at our sole discretion.

What About Inventory?

Based on our incredible experience, we believe that showing our souped up electric bicycles to people and letting them test them out is what sells them. The only requirement to be a direct seller is to have your own Worland Electric Bicycle for people to try. If you are not interested in buying a Worland Hybrid Bicycle (your mistake) you can always become an internet affiliate marketer.  Click here to learn more.

Become an Internet Affiliate Marketer
Do I Have Sales Quota's to Hit?






Nope. You have no quotas or responsibilities and may quit the program at any time you wish. There is no penalty to withdraw. You’ll be marked inactive in our system after six months with no sales.

How do I keep my higher % commission rate?

Once you achieve sales of seven or more of our Worland Hybrid Bicycles, your commission rate will stay at 17.5% as long as the Basic Independent Seller Program is in existence. If you make no sales in a six month period, you’ll be marked inactive in our system. But you are free to contact us if you’d like to become active again!

Can I Sign Up After I Buy My Personal Worland Hybrid Bicycle?

Absolutely! Sign up any time.  However, you will NOT get credit for any sale that is made by you before you sign up.  So sign up now before your friends see you bike and get their own!