11 Reasons Why You Want to Give the Fat Tire Electric Bike Experience

There’s been a lot of talk about the gift of experience being the best gift of all. Matthew Killingsworth recently published his research in the Journal of Psychological Science showing that experiences provide more lasting happiness than material possessions. (source)  Vacations last at most a few weeks and cooking classes are great. However, a fat tire electric bike experience can be felt and deeply appreciated daily for years (yes, even in the snow and bad weather)!

Excitement, Adventure, Fun, and Exercise They’ll Actually Do!

There are lots of reasons to enjoy an electric bike.

        1. They’ll feel like a superhero! They’ll smile as they pedal easily up a hill while they pass by younger or more fit riders as they huff and puff. The silent motor won’t give them away. A fat tire electric bike enables riders to go pretty much anywhere, flattening out hills, or traveling distances one would never attempt on a bike handicapped without a motor.
        1. Exercise is an everyday adventure! That superhero rush keeps electric bike riders coming back far more than a regular bicycle. Electric bicycles are used twice as often as regular bikes.

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      Source: *Transport Research Laboratory **Leeds University


      1. A fat tire electric bike is just fun! Everyone who tries one comes back with a big smile on their face. As a kid I used to ride horses, which gave me a feeling of freedom and power to go anywhere I wanted with a friend. My fat tire electric bike give me almost the same feeling.


Don't Need a Shower After Commuting by Ebike


  1. Fat Tire Electric Bikes Don't Require Showers After CommutingNo sweat and get healthy while they commute! A whopping 74% of those surveyed said they didn’t need a shower after commuting to work on an electric bike. There have been numerous commuting studies where ebikes reach their destinations faster or comparable to cars.


  1. Fat tire electric bikes are just comfortable. There’s less stress on your hands and lower back with a fat tire electric bike due to their large volume low pressure tires absorbing vibration.  They make you feel like you are riding on a cloud, while retaining the agility and maneuverability of a BMW.  Many fat tire electric bikes have front shock suspension so you’ll barely feel curbs or get that jarring sensation regular bikes give in the wrists, elbows, and shoulders.


  1. Relieve stress! Cycling invigorates on the way to work, and soothes away stress on the way home. Studies show that those that commute by bicycle are the happiest commuters!

Fat Tire Electric Bikes Provide The Highest Commute Feeling of Well Being


  1. No parking hassles! Park bicycles anywhere without paying up to 20 bucks a day.


  1. Lose weight! Just because it has an electric motor doesn’t mean you aren’t getting exercise.  With Worland fat tire electric bikes, you have 7 levels of pedal assist that let you choose how hard you’ll pedal, and you can always choose not to use pedal assist!


  1. Save/make money! Every time you hop on your bike for a short trip to the store, or down to your local coffee shop, you are saving money on gas and increasing the resale value of your car (lower mileage=higher resale value)! Here’s a comparison of commuting by car vs. electric bike by David R. Bassett at the University of Tennesee:

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  1. Be green and improve the environment! As the above chart shows, commuting by electric bike saves over a ton of CO2 per year. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the combustion of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide (CO2), a major greenhouse gas (GHG), into the atmosphere. There is strong evidence that the buildup of GHGs is the primary cause of the global warming that has occurred in recent decades. Commuting to work just once a week still makes a powerful environmental contribution!


  1. Fat tire electric bikes are more stable. A fat tire electric bike gives the rider more stability than a regular mountain bike, and far more than any road bike because the tire’s contact surface is wider. Fat tires also translate into better balance. Therefore, a fat tire electric bike is great for many people with physical impairments.


  1. Worland Fat Tire Electric BikeBad weather, no problem! Fat tire ebikes are great in snow and rain, and riding over sand dunes, trails, mud, gravel, the beach, you name it.  The fat tires can run on much lower air pressure and grip the terrain far better, allowing each and every ride to be an adventure.


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