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Hybrid Human/Electric Bicycles Give Just as Much Exercise - and Multiply Your Distance!

You can get just as much exercise on an electric bicycle as you can with a bicycle that is handicapped without an electric motor. The difference is that you can go wherever you want, and extend your range much further than you could without the assistance of the motor.  Hills or mountains that would drain too much energy for you before, are now doable!

Tested Under Punishing Conditions

Our fat-tire electric bicycles provide stability in snow, on sandy beaches, overland on mountain trails, on city streets, and in suburbia.  All Worland ebikes are tested under extreme conditions in and around Bend, Oregon. From the Oregon Coast beaches, to the rugged snowy terrain of Mount Hood, our test riders (up to 250 lbs.) test each component, motor, and battery to assure you seamless performance.

Experience is the Best Gift Idea of 2018 – The Fat Tire Electric Bike Experience

11 Reasons Why You Want to Give the Fat Tire Electric Bike Experience There’s been a lot of talk about the gift of experience being the best gift of all. Matthew Killingsworth recently published his research in the Journal of Psychological Science showing that experiences provide more lasting...
25 & 50 Mile Radius Maps

Top 7 Tips to Improve Your Electric Bicycle Distance Range

Range (distance traveled on one charge of your battery) is one of those things that is impossible to estimate without removing all variables that will impact it positively or negatively.  You'll see all kinds of numbers from different manufacturers. Some push boundaries, some (like us) don't. When...
Mid Drive Better VS Hub Drive Electric Bike Motors

Mid Drive Motors for Ebikes vs. Hub Motors

The Embarrassing Truth About Bicycle Electric Motors People can be opinionated about anything, and usually are. However, on the subject of buying a new electric bicycle with a hub drive (bicycle motor mounted on the wheel hub) vs. mid-drive (bicycle motor driving the crank) the facts...

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