Range (distance traveled on one charge of your battery) is one of those things that is impossible to estimate without removing all variables that will impact it positively or negatively.  You’ll see all kinds of numbers from different manufacturers. Some push boundaries, some (like us) don’t. When riding your new electric bicycle, you’ll need to get a handle on the range your battery will take you given the level of power assist you use.  It will take several rides for you to really get a feel for your riding range. However, there is a way to compare.

Because there is no standard for testing, e-bike battery distance/range estimating is not an exact science.  The best comparative indicator of range is by multiplying the battery amp and the volts to get your electric bicycle battery watt hours.  Volts times amp hours gives you watt hours.  The higher the number of watt hours, the farther your electric bicycle range will be. When comparing electric bicycle batteries with similar watt hours, you’ll find that the higher voltage battery will improve your electric bicycle’s power from a standstill.

The 12 variable listed below enter int to your range/distance equation, so you’ll understand why we suggest you test your range before going too far.

List of Things That Will Impact Your Electric Bicycle Battery Range

  • Rider Weight. Obviously a lighter person will drain less power on the electric bicycle battery and ebike motor which will extend the range of your electric bicycle.
  • Assistance Level. Higher assistance levels drain more battery power than lower assist levels. Worland electric bicycles have 7 levels of assist so you can dial in a more precise assist level and save battery power.
  • Terrain.  If you are riding on a smooth road at an even speed, your range will be longer than one with potholes and ditches.
  • Speed vs. Pedal Power. The higher the speed with pedal assist the lower your range will be.
  • Stops & Starts.  Starting from a standstill without pedaling drains more power than just riding.
  • Wind Conditions.  Crosswinds and headwinds will certainly consume power, while tailwinds will extend your range. When riding your electric bicycle over 30 mph you’ll certainly experience some headwind.
  • Aerodynamics. This is all about wind resistance. If you are wearing something bulky that catches the wind, your range will be lower. Riding upright at high speeds will certainly decrease your range.
  • Temperature.  Colder ambient temperatures will lower your range.
  • Tire Pressure.  If your tire pressure is too low, it will drain both your energy and your ebike’s, causing your range to shorten.
  • Battery Age.  Batteries lose power over time, and therefore a two or three year old batter will negatively impact your range.
  • Lithium Ion vs. Ni-Cad. Lithium Ion will last longer, and is more powerful per ounce than Ni-Cad.
  • Battery Capacity Matches Motor Capacity.  If your battery is under-powered for your motor, you’ll drain your battery and reduce your range far quicker.

7 Tips For Increasing Your Electric Bicycle Range

  1. Keep your battery topped off. Also, keep your battery exercised during periods you are not riding by topping it off once a week.
  2. Coast and pedal as much as you can without assistance.
  3. Use pedal power not electric power to start from a standstill.
  4. Go easy on the throttle. When you accelerate quickly, you use more energy than you would while going a steady speed.
  5. Keep your tires inflated properly.
  6. Avoid riding in snow, sand, mud, and streams, or anticipate you range will be reduced.
  7. Ride more aerodynamically (watch your position and your clothing).

The above maps show 25 and 50 mile radii (as the crow flies) around some major U.S. cities. Most Worland electric bicycles range is up to 50 miles. If you don’t have an extra battery, you should stay within the 25 mile marker, or you won’t make it back home. To estimate your own range, please read the article at left and test your own range before you go for a long ride. 

If you’d like to create a map for yourself, you can for free at: MapDevelopers.com

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